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Advanced knowledge in chemistry and biology is prerequisite to understand the material world. Chemistry is concerned with the composition, structure and characteristics of matter, the way it changes as chemical reactions evolve. Biology is concerned with organisms and the way they interact with environment. Because of such particularities, Chemistry and Biology are foundations to many other scientific branches: the science of materials, environment, ecology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food industry, electronics, electrotechnics. ...

Chemistry and biology is everything. Chemistry and biology make up the stars. Atoms that make up living organisms were once parts of the stars. Food is chemistry and biology. You are what you eat, up to the last mollecule of fat in the fries that were your yesterday’s food intake. Air itself is chemistry and biology. The whole matter itself is chemistry and biology. Lack of knowledge in chemistry and biology would make the world a place full of misteries and very little advanced.

A team of 20 teachers work in the Chemistry – Biology Department, covering a broad array of scientific fields, with a focus on Chemistry and Biology. Within this group 3 are full professors, 5 are associate professors, 7 lecturers, 3 assistent lecturers and 2 assistants.

 Our means and ways to allow for the successful implementation of our development strategy mainly include (without being limited to):   

  • The acquisition of performing equipment to modernize our laboratories
  • The recruitment of staff with strong academic background based on highly rigorous selection
  • The early involvement of students in the research activities that our professional staff undertakes
  • The participation to mobility programs that enhance the degree of specialization of teachers and students in various research fields
  • The involvement in inter-disciplinary collaboration with other departments in our university, with prestigious universities in the country and abroad, as well as with the business and industrial communityi
  • The ongoing concern to make scientific research a routine ingredient of our professional efforts, quantified in the number of funding competitions in which we won new research contracts
  • The stimulation of our teaching staff to increase the share of their research activities
  • The development of a work environment that enables the learning and research process of both teachers and students

Please visit the site of our department for more details about the didactic and scientific activities of our teaching and technical staff, whose professional efforts underpin all our achievements.


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