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     The research topics we undertake in the Chemistry – Biology Department:
   › belong either to fundamental research or to the applicative research category, with clear innovative or technology transfer content;
   › interdisciplinarity.

    Research fields embraced:

I. Agriculture, food safety and security, biotehnologies

› Food chain contaminants
› The lay-out of agri-food products that meet the principles for durable agriculture and ensure consumer health
› The technical – economic competitive upgrade of horticulture – vineyards products
› The marketing of agricultural and agri – food products
› Ecologic agri – food products
› Residuals and contaminants minimization along the whole food chain
› Traceability along the food chain
› Environment protection technologies (bio-remediation)
› Interdisciplinary research covering the soil, plants, animal, food and human factor relationships
› Food bio - technologies

II. Environment

› The impact of ecology accidents on environment and population
› Environment quality monitoring, the monitoring of inorganic waste and pollutants residing in various media
› Polluting processes, means and mechanisms to reduce environment pollution
› The protection and ecologic restauration of critically – harmed areas and the preservation of protected areas
› Diversitatea biologica si ecologica la nivel local, regional si national
› The identification of biologic and ecologic diversity at local, regional and national level
› The profiling of the actual status and trends identification as regards the dynamics of various biologic and ecologic components
› The identification of driving factors in the erosion and deterioration of biologic and ecologic diversity
› The identification of functions of the components of biologic and ecologic diversity
› The elaboration and testing of eco – technologies for the rehabilitation and ecologic reconstruction of contaminated soils
› The expansion of the “Natura 2000” network of protected areas across Romania’s territorry › Building the population’s awareness about risc scenarios of chemical hazards and their proper way to react
› The study of electro – chemical corosion and methods of anti – corrosion protection based on corrosion inhibitors
› Electro – chemical sensors for surfactants
› Application of senzitive surfactant senzors in surface chemistry
› Data acquisition, processing and mathematical modelling regarding the behavior of polutants in contaminated areas.


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