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Master Programs - Biology-Biochemistry

BIOLOGY-BIOCHEMISTRY, Master degree - 2 years


› To achieve specific skills regarding the use of biologic processes to elaborate active substances in demand in various branches of applied biology: medicine, pharmaceuticals, pharmacology, pharmacognozy;
› To strenghten the practice of methods applied to obtain, analise, test and use active substances of biologic origin;
› To reinforce the understanding of cellular biology in connection with genetics, molecullar biology, bio – chemistry, IT, medicines science;
› To build and enhance capabilities to transfer and apply the bio – technology knowledge in various contexts in other fields such as : agriculture, medicine, environment protection, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, beer and wine production;
› To build a clear picture about the technical and economic benefits that genetic transformations enable in the manufacturing of medicines, vaccines, plants resistent to diseases and to noxious matter as well as in the phyto – remediation of the environment harmed by the human factor;
› To educate the specific skills that the cultivation of in – vitro cells and tissues requires in order to produce plants and by – products that are inputs in demand for various industries, such as the supply of pharmacologically active substances;
› To establish and to put to test the capacity to succeed in the others’ involvement in creative activities, that would materialise in the coordination of independent learning processes;
› To embrace continuous learning by enrolling in doctoral programs; to further hone after graduation scientific research activities that will materialize in studies in relevant publications, in attending scientific sessions;
› To reach demonstrable high capability to compete and high level of performance, based on benchmarking against the achievements of graduates of other equivalent studies.


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- Biology-Biochemistry


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