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     Starting in the 2005-2006 school year, higher education in Romania has become part of the Bologna process, in order to ensure harmonisation with the Europe – wide educational system, in EU’s attempt to achieve no later than 2010 a European Area of University Education. We have adopted in this respect the ECTS transferable credit system that promotes the education centered on the student, taking into account that credit goes in proportion to the volume of work required to achieve the goals of each field of study.

Chemistry Biology Department coordinates four specializations in the frame of license studies:

› Chemistry;
› Biology;
› Engineering of food;
› Control and Expertise of food.

and another three master programs:

› Analysis methods used in quality control of environment and products;
› Biology-Biochemistry;
› Didactic-Chemistry.

of which general objectives are:

› The training of specialists with broad technical and cultural reach, that could allow them after graduation, depending on needs, to engage in further independent training in the field they have graduated or in related fields.
› The stimulation, along a continuous and innovative learning process, of the personal and ethical development, of the culture of integration within diversity and of globalization, based on the mutual recognition of qualifications and diplomas.



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