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                                                                 Vol. 8(2) 2016
Zmievskii Y.,  Kyrychuk I, Myronchuk V.,Using of direct contact membrane distillation for wastewater treatment obtained after whey processing Fragoso M., Pérez-Chabela M.L., Hernández-Alcantara A.M, Héctor B. Escalona-Buendía H.B., Pintor A., Totosaus A., Sensory, melting and textural properties of fat-reduced ice cream inoculated with thermotolerant lactic acid bacteria Fellenberg A., Cawley A. M. Peña I., Nutritional value of chinchilla meat and its agroindustrial derivatives Shu G., Lei N., Chen H.,  Wang C.F.,  Wan H., Effect of temperature, bacterial proportion and inoculum size on the fermentation of goat yogurt with bifidobactrium bifidum Chen H., Bao C.,  Li C., Wan H., Shu G., A box-behnken experimental design in the development of optimized medium for Streptococcus Thermophilus Dzung T.N., Study of determining the technological mode in the freeze drying process of Royal Jelly in Viet Nam Kilincceker O., Yilmaz M.T., Effects of different gums on the some properties of fried beef patties Shleikin A.G., Zipaev D.V., .Zhilinskaya N.T., Barakova N.V., Danilov N.P., Argymbaeva A.E., Structure properties of stirred yoghurt made with transglutaminase and amaranth Bensid A., Gökdogan S., Özogul F., Inhibition impacts of natural clinoptilolite on biogenic amines production by common food-borne pathogens in arginine decarboxylase broth  Pongsetkul J., Benjakul S., Sumpavapol P., Osako K., Faithong N., Effect of post-mortem storage prior to salting on quality of salted shrimp paste (kapi) produced from Macrobrachium Lanchesteri Zhang X, Yan Lv Y., Wang H., Tao X., Zhang X., Classification identification of abalone flavoring liquids based on metal sensor array Chai J., Study on route optimization of cold chain logistics of fresh food  Tang M., Individual athlete dietary and nutrition kab methods research Wang X., Research on food cold chain logistics system collaboration  Zhuang J., Huang Q., Athletes fatigue recovery and sports nutrition analysis based on sports nutrition and the load adjustment method Zhang Z., Empirical study on china dairy industrial cluster and influence factors-based on provincial panel data spatial econometric analysis Jiang D., Lei Q., Ma L., Wang Z., Yan H., Chen Y., A new particle swarm optimization matheuristic solution to emergency food distribution Xie X., Pharmacokinetics of manidipine in health volunteers Zhang L., Yue P., Fan J., Gao X., Effect of phenolic compounds on antioxidant activity in 8 blueberry (Vaccinum spp.) juices Keykavousi M., Tarzi B. G., Mahmoudi R., Bakhoda H., Kabudari A., Mahalleh S. F. R. P., Study of antibacterial effects of teucrium polium essential oil on bacillus cereus in cultural laboratory and commercial soup Kostetska K., Yevchuk Y., Physical and mechanical properties and quality indicator   of wheat Logasaranya S. M., Mahesh-Kumar S.,  Selvam P., Reduction of antinutrients in pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) using hurdle technology  Zeng H. W., Chen H., The dried mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum exhibiting improving intracellular polysaccharide content by submerged fermentation optimization in large-scale fermentation processes and its food safety ERRATA-ERRATUM